Welcome to the website of award winning pianist/composer (an occasionally non-award winning drummer) Alex Koo

I just recorded my latest CD at Oktaven Audio NY with my new acoustic chamber trio project with Mark Turner (sax) and Ralph Alessi (trumpet). I’m very excited about this new project with two of my biggest heroes! All of the music consists of original compositions from myself and group improvisations we did over soundscapes/melodic ideas. Mixing and mastering done, so wrapping up the last steps. Can’t wait for the record to be out!

Meanwhile I’m also composing more and more Etudes for Piano as well. What started out as a way to write some technically challenging piano pieces, has turned into a new project. I’ve already finished a couple and hope to finish my first book somewhere in the foreseeable future…

Feel free to take a look around!

Thanks for visiting and all the best,