Alex Koo (solo)

Alex’ fabulous technique, sounding downright genius at times, is the basis for this dizzying 
tour de force of an album. He is also a superbly original composer. 
– London Jazz News

Wonderful compositions, miles away from the shallowness of the so-called “neo-classical”. In “Sonar”, the longest piece on the album, the improviser in Koo suddenly explodes – and how he does it: free, exalted and timeless! An album that cannot be pigeon-holed. ★★★★ – Jazzthetik

When listening, Keith Jarrett’s name came to mind several times. Not because Koo’s playing is similar to that of the American master, but because it is of the same exceptionally high level. – Trouw

No matter how Koo twists and turns and seems to grab it energetically, the piano becomes a hamster wheel. Clever head, this half-Japanese. – Bad Alchemy

Koo’s compositions and playing are absolutely world class. An album of unparalleled class. ★★★★½ – Written in Music

Such bravura, such virtuosity. (…) Stunning record. ★★★★ – De Standaard

A colorful album that keeps the listener on the edge of his seat for almost forty minutes. ★★★★  – L’Echo