Alex Koo/Mark Turner/Ralph Alessi

This acoustic chamber trio challenges the boundaries of improvisation and instrumental timbre, led by pianist-composer Alex Koo, saxophone magician Mark Turner and trumpet wizard Ralph Alessi.

All music written for this project has drawn its inspiration from certain cinematographical scenes: ‘Ghost Parade’ is based on the arrival of ghostly creatures from the ferry to the bathhouse in Hayao Miyazaki’s anime movie ‘Spirited Away’ (Studio Ghibli). ‘Dune’, has been written as a soundtrack for the opening shot of possibily the greatest science fiction movie that was never made: Jodorowsky’s Dune.

Contemporary improvisation in an unconventional trio format (piano-saxophone-trumpet), centralizing tone, timbre and color of sound as the basis of musical expression.

Alex Koo – piano
Mark Turner – tenor saxophone
Ralph Alessi – trumpet