Identified Flying Object (i.f.o)

i.f.o doesn’t like to be classified, i.f.o doesn’t like name tags, i.f.o doesn’t like wearing the same outfit every day, i.f.o can be romantic, chaotic, theatrical, abstract, ridiculous, dramatic, sad… i.f.o is whatever the moment will allow i.f.o to be.

© Lucas van der Wee

This European duo, consisting of Belgian-Japanese pianist Alex Koo and Hungarian drummer Attila Gyárfás, focuses on the moment. Instant improvisation is the meat, potatoes, green beans and sauce all together.

On May 8th 2017, i.f.o released their album ‘Galactic Liturgy’ (Clever Tree Records), which was recorded at Dolan Studios, New York.

Alex Koo – piano, keys and electronics
Attila Gyárfás – drums and electronics